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Once more, Hammond and Brian delve into the world of country, this time orbiting the world of long-time country superstar Reba McEntire. After a couple dozen albums and a few hundred songs, how do we our hosts feel about this singer and her music? Fancy? You’ll just have to listen and see!

Reba McEntire is an American Singer and songwriter, who has also appeared in movies, and her own TV sitcom. She has also worked in the role of a record producer. Her mother tought her how to sing and Reba sang in her high school marching band. She even taught herself how to play guitar. In college, she sang the National Anthem at the national rodeo in Oklahoma City, which caught the attention of another artist who invited her to Nashville. In 1975, she signed a contract and two years later released her first solo album. Find out lots more yay listening to the this episode!